Brian Lee Elder

Brian Lee “Ranger” Elder (1963-2018) was an outstanding athlete at Centralia High School, setting five track records, only one of which has been broken. Local softball teams benefited from his speedy outfield effort and long-distance hitting. College scholarships that were offered could not be accepted because of lack of additional financial assistance. He attended Centralia College. A friendly man with an unerring moral compass, he not only supervised warehouses at Green Hill School but also served as an anger management counselor for the boys. A Washington State public servant for 19 years, he worked for the Department of Social and Health Services and Department of Health, where he participated in financial services and health technology. His supervisor stated that Brian was highly regarded, known for his kindness, service, and all-around great personality.” He is survived by his wife Rachael and four

children.Recipients of this scholarship include:

  • Jessica Flores Bravo – 2019-20