About Our Endowment Fund

The branch began giving scholarships to women attending college in 1955 and has continued at some level ever since.  In 2003 an Endowment Fund was established to provide a long-term source of money for college scholarships.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was formed separate from the branch, but the directors of directors are members of the branch.  It was named Women Supporting Women Scholarships. Donations made to it are tax deductible.  People over 70-1/2 years of age who have an IRA can make tax-free donations.  Consult your tax advisor for details.

The members of the Women Supporting Women Scholarships board make the decisions on all college scholarships that are given.  Some of the funds come from the interest on the endowment fund. Other scholarships are funded from donations from Lewis County AAUW Branch and by individuals.

Donations may be made to the Women Supporting Women Scholarships and mailed to WSWS, P.O. Box 244, Chehalis, WA 98532.  If they are made in memory or in honor of someone, please include the name of the individual being honored or memorialized and the name and address of the person who should receive a card of acknowledgement.